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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Upon my recent purchase of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, I can say only one thing, "BUY IT!!" For other lucky people like me, you have noticed the endless amount of access to anywhere you see and the vast selection of vehicles, self improvement options, and awesome graphics (besides the hands of the characters, I don't know how the programers let that get buy). If you're interested in some GTA: SA tips, has published a helpful mini survival guide. This guide without cheats, however, on the website there is the most cheats i've found for the game. Happy gaming (or should i say enjoyable violent gaming)!!!

Link via Herd Behavior.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Virtual Arena

I got an email expressing interest in the Virtual Arena and I was also interested in it, so here it goes.

The manufacturer of Virtual Arena has a vast experience in interactive gaming. They were the people that invented the original dance mat. The Virtual Arena is the natural progression from the ever popular dance mat. The Virtual Arena allows all gamers to have direct interaction with their game character.

How it works. You are supplied with first, a mat, (shown above in blue and white) that controls some of the functions that normally your PS2 controller would control. These functions are start, up, select, fire, left moves, right moves, jump moves, and down moves. You need to jump or tap the marked spot on the mat to establish these moves. Secondly you are supplied with 4 state of the art sensors, (shown above as the 4 units in silver below the mat). These sensors will sense when you throw a punch or make a kick which in turn act as your PS2 controllers. With the combinations of moves on the mat and moves via the sensors on both of your hands and and ankles, you can achieve high speed moves that most of the time you can't achieve via the PS2 controller. With all this jumping, punching and kicking, you now can see what I mean about a full workout. These are the sensors I have been talking about. They strap on to your hands and ankles via a Velcro strap. They are powered by a watch battery. Abit of trivia: These sensors were developed by a missile guidance technician, so they are not just motion sensors or mere toys, they are very sophisticated and sensitive to your movement.

Features and Benefits: Through quick body reactions the speed you achieve will improve your gaming The copy movement of your actions to your gaming character will put you directly into the interaction of the game. Let's not forget the healthier side of things. Parents moan about their children being couch potatoes. Well not any more! To interact with your games your need to use full motion of your body. You kick, your character kicks. You punch, your character punches etc etc Believe you me; it's a full workout when we tried it on Tekken 4, and Soul Calibur II.

I don't know about you, but I am thinking of getting this just because it sounds cool!! (and i love the Tekken Series)

I obtained this information from Dot 2 and you can also purchase the gamepad for the low, low price of 50 English Pounds or roughly $100 United States Dollars!! (ouch, that hurts the wallet! lol)

Monday, August 09, 2004

Long time no blogging

Okay! Just back from my Eurotrip and i'm way behind on all my blogging. Well, if you have been reading up on your Playstation News, you know that the proccessor that will be in Playstation3 is now being built into computers. That means that all the games first released on PS3 will be fine tuned and will use the proccessor to it's full capacity! Playstation 2 games first released did not work up to it's capacity, therefore making the system look far worse than what it is capable to do! I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

I was just recently reading my August 2004 issue of PSM magazine(I guess August issues come out in June now!) about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. First of all, the game is set in 90's San Andreas, a state containing versions of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and miles of countryside in between (deserts, mountains, rivers, and miles of interstate freeway). The game comes out in October for PS2 and after that, I doubt that anyone who buys it will ever walk out of their house again. I'll just mention some of the cool things you can do: eat at restaurants, work out at the gym, improve your characters skills, wear tons of new outfits, buy AND build buildings, gamble at casinos, break into houses and steal cash, swim(if you're not familiar with Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, if you crash into water or even fall in, you automatically die without a chance to save yourself), dual-wield multiple gun types, recruit your own gang to help out on missions, and you can do FOUR person drive-bys. On top of not leaving your house, crime will drop because buyers will get rid of all their criminal mischief in the game. For more on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, go to Rockstar Games.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Playstation 2 News!!!!

Welcome to the Playstation 2 News Blog. First of all my name is Jason and I plan to keep fellow Playstation enthusiasts up to date on all the new Playstation games, platforms, and accessories. My resources include PSM Magazine, and several other Playstation related websites. If you would like to contact me, my email is